What Have I Given Away?

Ocean of Plenty, Glass Art by MargaretSue

On reflection of this birthday, I have been thinking about my journey here on planet earth. How I came in to this life with little feet and had to learn to walk and talk and such. I also came into his world wearing my birthday suit, but I will leave this world clothed in another suit –it has come to me.

On my Father’s gravestone, from my Grand Mother is the saying-‘What you take with you when you leave this world is what you gave away’. I understand that better now. And I wondered… what exactly have I given away? 

I imagined that an Angel was with this little girl just prior to birth. I could feel that Angel and that she said this little girl will have Art as her creativity in this life on her side coming with her and other gifts she will not realize till later. She will have trials and tribulations and meet other beings who will want to take from her or be jealous of her and her family in this life.
Yet she will have a Mother who will tell her when someone is just being jealous, and she will say that it is be better to love them at a distance because jealousy eats people up-till they let it go. At times, the Mother will tell this little girl to go into a room with a mirror and imagine it full of mirrors to observe the little girl’s actions and how they have can affect other people, and that this would draw upon compassion. The Angel said there would a Father who would show her how to be a winner in life against all odds, and teach how anything is possible. She said he will be right much fun teaching the little girl how important it is to enjoy what one does with full enthusiasm. 
The Angel also said that Freedom would be by the little girl’s side because without it, she would not feel free to create from the depths her Soul-or to speak her truth and yet temper it with compassion wherever she goes.
She said this little girl will have all these things in her life as gifts, including plenty and the lack of plenty, disappointments and betrayals and all the ups and downs in life that she can also turn into gifts by conscious choice to do so. But then the Angel said, “The greatest gift this little girl will have is LOVE, because she said without it, none of the other gifts will matter and will disintegrate without it. She said, “LOVE is what brought you here, and all the LOVE you ever have given away is what will clothe you when you leave this world.” 
Then the little girl said-“but if I give Love away-won’t I be bereft of this LOVE?”
Then the Angel said that, “Only LOVE knows LOVE, so only LOVE can give LOVE away, and that in giving is the Soul nourished thereby increasing LOVE which builds your Eternal garments.”  The little girl was fine with that-and off she went!
Throughout this life this little girl has realized, that ALL beings are endowed with the same things, the gifts are just named a little different. But LOVE isn’t named differently, interestingly enough!

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